on being a teacher

  1. Teaching is hilarious.  I doubt any other profession brings as much laughter, mostly internal, as teaching does.  Kids say the darndest things.
  2. Teaching is emotionally exhausting. “I have no more smiles for you.  I have no more tears.  I’m just plain pooped.”
  3. There is no greater excitement than watching a child understand a new concept.  “I love multiplication!”  “I love diagramming sentences!”
  4. Teaching requires copious amounts of sugar.  And caffeine.  “Always keep your hot pot ready for tea and your candy stash hidden from the kids.”
  5. Teaching stretches my natural limits of patience.  “Here, let me repeat this instruction for the umpteenth time, so you can then proceed to do the complete opposite.”
  6. Sometimes, teaching brings out all the Southern charm I have stored up.  “Speak slowly and calmly, always smile and say yes ma’am.” Cheese!
  7. Teaching makes Saturdays the most glorious day of the week.  “Ain’t nobody got energy for a Friday night!”  I live for Saturday morning sleep.
  8. Teaching teaches me to put people first.  The student is more important than the lesson plan.  “You need five extra minutes of recess to get all your wiggles out?  Done.  Go run five laps while I sit here and sip my tea.”
  9. Sometimes you just have to put the grammar exercises aside and have a dance party.   “Let’s line dance to Justin Timberlake!”
  10. Teaching brings me true joy.  By teaching, I am fulfilling God’s call on my life right now, and He is the giver of joy.  Therefore, teaching brings me joy.