on being a tourist

  1. Wear the camera around your neck and shamelessly snap photos of everything interesting.
  2. Get lost.  It’s ok.  Someone will help you.  Have faith and wander.
  3. Find the local food and eat it all.  Ask people for recommendations, look up restaurants, or pop into any restaurant that looks exciting.  Even if the menu is in another language, just point and eat.  It’s an adventure.
  4. Stand in line.  There’s usually a reason why 222 people are waiting to get inside that palace or museum.  It’s worth it!
  5. Just slap down the cash.  Sometimes you just need to bite the bullet and pay for it.  Experiences are WAY better than stuff.
  6. Follow the Asians.  And I’m not being rude.  They know where it’s at.  Trust me.  If  Asians are going there, you need to go there.  If Asians are taking a selfie, strike that pose.  Or ask them to snap it for you.  They know what they’re doing, and they’re the best tourists on the globe.
  7. Don’t stay in normal hotels.  Get an Air b&b or local guesthouse.  It’s way more fun to meet people and see how the locals live.  Oh and it’s cheaper.
  8. Talk to strangers.  They won’t bite.  Yes, be cautious and smart and careful and all the things, but don’t be rude.  Meet people!  Make new friends!  You’ll stories will be way more entertaining.
  9. Buy a souvenir that will last.  Something that you will keep for all time to remember that place.  I’m just now developing this trait myself, but as I type I’m admiring the start of my wall plate collection.  Two beautiful hand-painted pieces of pottery from the Netherlands and Spain.  Total cost of 26 euros.  Worth it.
  10. And last….try not to be that obnoxiously loud American….but then again, that’s who we are.  Live out loud.